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Walk-in Store

Where are we?

Shop 18A, Pick 'n Pay Bluff Hillside Mall, 201 Tara Rd, Bluff, Durban, Kwazulu-Natal, 4052, South Africa


Wellness Clinic

Operating Hours

Monday - Friday: 08h00 - 16h30
Saturday: 08h00 - 13h00

Miraculously, we have managed to fit a private clinic space in our modest store and have a full-time qualified nurse on duty to conduct the tests and administer the injections we have on offer. You’ll be surprised how competitive our prices are! Compare our pricelist and see for yourself!


Dr Karasee Pillay-Griffin

Dynamite comes in small packages!

Our store might be small, but you’d be amazed by the variety of stock we carry and the prices we offer! Karasee takes pride in sourcing your every need from all corners of the world, ensuring its quality and value for money.

Our nurse, Mary, might be small, but she’s the gentlest needle-sticker around… and also super knowledgeable about health care products from both Western and Alternative disciplines.

Karasee might be small, but she has an encyclopaedia locked up in that mind of hers. She has prescribed the most unlikely, out-of-the-box remedies for people who have got to the end of their tether with certain ailments, and VOILA! The accolades abound.


We do the following tests:

Glucose Level - R15.00 
Iron Level - R15.00 
Cholesterol Level - R35.00 
Triglyceride Level - R46.00 
Blood Pressure - R10.00 
HIV Testing - R35.00

We offer the following treatments:

Natural Nebulizing - R25.00

We offer the following injections:

Vitamin B Complex - R30.00 
Vitamin B12 - R30.00 
Vitamin B12 & Vitamin B Complex - R45.00 
Neurobion - R70.00 
Neurobion & Vitamin B6 - R90.00


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